Comprehensive review of 3 week diet: Does it work?

The 3 week diet plan is cliamed to be an innovative, scientific and proven diet program and diet strategy that enables one to lose weight in only 21 days.

It is claimed that even after you complete the 3 Week Diet , you’ll keep the weight off for good and you’ll certainly gain self-confidence in your ability to slim down.

Rather than following one dietary protocol (like say, removing all gluten and carbs out of your life), the 3 Week Diet blends multiple diets into one 3 week interval.

This “blending” of dieting foods is supposed to work effectively and has certain benefits.

The diet has got enough variety on foods and is likely to help create “metabolic confusion” , similar to the concept of calorie shifting technique.

Why The 3 Week Diet Plan Is So Popular ?

Most users find it effective to lose weight in the first week because of the rigorous dieting protocol of 3 week diet. This will empower and encourage the body to go into detox and get rid of any of the fat-burning byproducts which will have come in the rapid weight reduction in stage #1. This works very similar to the 2 week quick cleanse.

Dieters are enthusiastic and find it very stimulating to lose that much weight in such a short time. This is what makes this diet quite popular.

Next subsequent phases or stages of diet comprise of the Phase 2 which only lasts 1 day but people have reported to lose more than a pound in one day.

Phase 3 lasts from day 9-11 and is a very unconventional diet.

Another good point is the “motivation factor” and the “workouts” mentioned in this diet plan.

We all consistently get tons of assurances how following a diet strategy will help us to lose some pounds. As numerous folks would not have the motivation and drive to keep up a lengthy diet strategy, Brian Flatt’s Three Week Diet really dedicates a whole chapter to give you that much needed motivation so you can stick with this. Besides providing you with the necessary self-confidence to succeed in this diet plan, this also helps in making you keep whatever fat which you have lost away.

You happen to be proposed to not have your next meal until the evening of day 8. In this meal, you’re certainly free to eat anything you need, but bear in mind that carbs should be kept to an extremely minimal number.

The workouts are great for these issues and you are going to be really happy when you see that we’ve option for all yours issues on no more than one area and that’s our 3 week diet is a fresh system and you must attempt it.

You understand for every question which you have you can ask us and we are going to very fast give you the support. Additionally you might need very fast help and Brian will give you the answers to your problems extremely fast.

In a nutshell, The 3 Week Diet makes use of these 5 techniques to specifically target body fat.

  • Reducing Calories

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Exercise

  • Lowering Carbohydrate Intake

  • Strategic Supplementation

Now, there is nothing new or special about htese factors. These strategies are very well proven to be effective for weight loss but when you implement them all together, you will lose weight “rapidly”.

However, there are some bad points of the diet as well, which the users should try to understand.

3 Week Diet Plan Overview: Good vs. Bad points?

The 3 Week Diet” is marketed as a ground-breaking new science-based diet system that is 100% guaranteed to assist you to shed weight. Since I didn’t understand the publication was in four parts, I believed the writer would simply go on and on about the theoretical advice regarding the diet. But, theories get debunked all the time.

Unfortunately, I don’t see much “science” behind it.

Not get to the diet itself or the exercises because to be honest, I was appearing exact details like what to eat, what not to eat, which work out to do and how much of it and the first stage only had details of the need for exercises etc.

In other words, it’s just like any other diet. Not very impressed!

The techniques contained within this guide have become easy to follow though, and Brian is willing to supply a money-back guarantee is good. But there are plenty of negative reviews as you are able to discover from individuals who have not reached their dieting and weight goals with the 3 Week Diet, so that’s a turn off.

Now, it would be stupid if I insult your intelligence or risk my reputation by making some outrageous claims that in 21-days you are going to have a set of 6 pack abs or be 50 pounds lighter than you are now with no attempt.

But in my opinion, there is still some potential to the diet and if you dedicate yourself over the next 21-days and follow the 3-Week Diet as outlined, you’ll be walking with some less body fat gone out of your waistline, hips, thighs, abdomen and tail.

Though the last most recent posts were undoubtedly more along the lines of what I was expecting to get as far as answers go, in contrast as the folks dissing me for asking about it. I’ven’t attempted the first application I asked about, but I did begin drinking meal replacement shakes twice a day and still eating one meal (reaching all my macro and calorie aims of course) and it was incredibly helpful due to my hectic schedule.

I am a former fat man, and got myself skinny through strict dieting and disciplined workout routines and I am using some of the principles in this diet but it was not as laid out and if I did have what was in this diet: The instruction manual, the diet guide, the work out guide (I do not mind the mindset and motivation guide cause I got my own) I might have had a lot simpler time so if it is something you guys need to invest in, go ahead.

Anyway, we talked about my fat loss goals and what I needed to reach and he clarified that he’d undoubtedly have the ability to help me. He said he understood a secret diet which he’d be teaching stars and professional athletes for years where they’re able to lose over 10 pounds weekly on it. The bad news was though, if I needed to learn it from him, I ‘d need certainly to register in his 10-session class, which would cost me $500 a session.

But you know, I’ve read it a few times myself and I am going to inform you the diet does work… It’s truly the real price and the reason it works is because it really does something that literally gets you into a state where you are really going to be fasting and burning off body fat for quite a long time so that’s among the reasons why this diet works.

The bad news is, it’s not a healthy diet to stick to and trying to lose that much weight so fast. Besides, there is a great chance you’ll gain all the fat back once you stop the diet.

3 week diet user reviews

Review 1

“Did not drop 23 pounds! This diet is unrealistic, because you can gain the weight you lose right back. It’s a fad diet!”

Review 2

“It’s not healthy to lose this much weight in only three weeks.”

3 week diet does not target the hormonal aspects of weight loss

Here are the cons in a nutshell:-

i. It’s a rigourous diet with a lot of starvation involved

ii. There is strong chance that it will cause fatigue and weakness

iii. 3 week diet is based on intermittent fasting, which may cause extreme hunger and physical discomfort.

iv. You need to exclude all carbohydrate foods including fruit, starchy vegetables, legumes and whole grains. This will devoid you of some essential vitamins and minerals.

v. Because people won’t feel good and low in energy, most people won’t be ab;e to stick to full 21 days. And even if they do, the weight is going to come back aggressively.

vi. 3 week diet does not target the hormones and neurotransmitters responsible to make you fat, which means it is very one dimensional in nature, unlike the Venus Factor diet which is based on the concept of the number one hormonal factor behind obesity – the leptin hormone.

I believe, if you actually follow “Venus Factor” or any other leptin based diet, and simultaneously learn the best way to fix your lifestyle and finish it for the 3 weeks, then I am certain, it will work for you and you will slim down.

I am not knowledgeable about all the diets out there greatly, but any claim to lose that much weight in 3 weeks is not going to be sustainable. And there do exist better diets in the market.

You get an entire strategy and guide for every stage, there’s hardly any room for confusion or flexibility. This can be good or bad, but mostly bad.

The 3 Week Diet is a diet system that maintains it can allow you to lose between 12 and 23 pounds of fat in only 21 days. I did eat the sample meal for the 3 days and only followed what was advocated in the novel like maximum.


While the 3 Week Diet strategy routine seems to offer a methodical system to loose fat, the success rate is extremely low. That’s why most quick diets like 3 week have tons of negative reviews. Clinical research is an essential part of the equation as it pertains to selecting a diet or a weight loss supplement and as of yet, none exist for this diet.

Really, this diet tries to mislead the users’ body into going into starvation mode 24/7, and physically, have them reduce around one pound of body fat each day. This approach makes it close to the fad diets like quick detoxes.

The good thing is 3 Week Diet is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee.

However, there are better diets like the Venus Factor and some very effective weight loss supplements to complement your diet with.

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